Our monthly calendars are packed with workshops that will meet the different needs of participants. These group workshops allow people to break out of isolation by connecting with others, but also to express themselves.

Personal growth

These workshops offer the opportunity to develop and demystify certain concepts such as:

  • Perceptions,
  • Emotions,
  • Self-confidence,
  • And more

Living better with anxiety

Education and learning program on anxiety management and self-reflection. Participants come away with concrete tools to reduce and better live with anxiety on a daily basis.


Watercolour lets you unleash your inner creator without judgment. Students learn the techniques of this art form using brushes and a technique of mixing colour pigments with water.


By using photography as a means of expression, students can learn more about themselves. This workshop additionally introduces or reintroduces you to the joy of taking pictures and how to get the most out of it.

“We believe that these workshops are essential to the well-being of members, who will be able to reinvest what they have learned in their everyday lives.”

Walking club

For anyone interested in getting back in shape, socializing, or taking time for themselves. The walks take place every Wednesday unless otherwise indicated. The locations vary from week to week and are chosen according to the facilitator’s and/or the participants’ ideas.


Come explore and practice yoga. No experience required. A gentle yet invigorating yoga practice that tones the body and gets the energy flowing.

Art therapy

Art therapy is different from creativity, occupational therapies, learning artistic techniques or interpreting images. Art therapy meetings are a process of understanding oneself and finding solutions to support one’s well-being. Art therapy is for anyone who wants to explore their personal experiences through the creation process. It does not require any artistic talent.

Depression self-management workshop

Workshop based on solidarity and empowerment. The 10-week program enables participants to deepen their knowledge about depression. They will learn to recognize the warning signs and elements that can influence their moods, with a view to better managing their depressive episodes.


As mental health professionals, we make it our duty to analyze and assess the needs of the population. And since the beginning of the pandemic, we have noticed a need that has become increasingly acute—the need to talk, vent, share daily life, and chat about problems with others. Indeed, the need to talk is significant and it must be met. This is why we have set up a time to talk, the “chat,” which is an occasion to think out loud, better understand ourselves, see more clearly, and express loneliness, fear and distress without fear of being judged, blamed or rejected. This group is for anyone who is going through a difficult time and needs to talk. It can be comforting just to see that you aren’t alone. A professional is available to provide support and follow-up if needed.

Relaxation workshop

Stress, anxiety, muscle tension, sleep disorder, an overactive mind… does any of this sound familiar? Studies have shown that relaxation positively affects mood, sleep, thoughts, concentration and more! Taking time for oneself is one of the pillars of well-being and has a positive influence on mental health. This 10-session workshop gives you the opportunity to learn more about different relaxation practices and their benefits, and to experience them for yourself.

Self-esteem self-management workshop

This self-management workshop is all about taking back some power over your self-esteem. Indeed, self-esteem is an important protective factor and is key to developing and maintaining good mental health. Health does not necessarily mean the absence of disease, but rather a state of physical, psychological and social well-being. Self-management aims to help the individual develop power over their mental health by gaining knowledge and mastering certain basic skills. The individual is then able to make more informed decisions and apply the behaviours they have identified as being healthy for them. The 10 sessions, in the form of discussions, exercises and information, address a number of topics related to self-esteem, such as self-talk, self-knowledge, the protective suitcase, perceptions, emotions and their management, interpersonal relationships and communication, assertiveness, choices and priorities, self-esteem in the present and in the future, and much more.

Craft workshop

Our craft group meets every 2 weeks to create a variety of projects. Some of our latest workshop creations include jewelry, a reusable bag and a tree of life. In these affordable, 3-hour workshops, you can let your imagination run wild and create your own project in good company. We supply the materials for the activities, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Introduction to clay workshop

This creative workshop teaches participants clay techniques for creating original pieces.