Mental health promotion and awareness efforts concentrate on information and demystification. Psychological well-being, like physical health, is an essential component of each person’s overall health.

Mental health promotion involves both promoting the psychological well-being of the population and preventing mental health problems that may arise in the lives of individuals, whether or not they have a diagnosis.

Fostering mental health is an ongoing endeavour throughout our lives and is fundamental to the transitional moments we go through.

Raising awareness of and fighting prejudice in various settings

We visit people in their own setting (schools, factories, etc.) to present various topics adapted to their realities, underlining the importance of taking care of their mental health.

Awareness campaigns

We support, promote and participate in a number of awareness campaigns related to mental health:

Personal development presentation guide and monthly events

This guide is intended for people in the Coaticook MRC who wish to offer information and/or personal development workshops on various topics focused on mental health and self-development. Workshops are available to community organizations and to businesses, directly in the workplace. L’Éveil RCSM is updating its awareness-raising program for residents of the MRC.