The living environment, comparable to a big house, offers a wide range of activities that serve as opportunities for sharing, learning, and developing wellness.

These group activities help break the isolation and create strong bonds with other members.

Calendrier d'événements - L’Éveil, ressource communautaire en santé mentale

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Given the limited number of spots, it is important to register to take part in each of these activities.
For more information, call 819 849-3003.

Diamond painting

Diamond painting is also referred to as diamond embroidery. It consists of gluing small beads on an adhesive canvas to create a relief. You can also come to the activity without making a diamond canvas. You can join the group to socialize with other members. This workshop allows you to chat with others and to create a canvas artwork if desired.

Lunch with soup and dessert

Come eat in good company, chat with others, and meet other people.

Board games

Enjoy shared moments around a board game. A great way to bond and break the routine.

18-to-35-year-old room

More than just a room, this is a relaxed environment reserved for 18-to-35-year-olds, with a professional on site for anyone who feels the need to confide in someone.

Things to do at our facility

L’Éveil is open to all members and is the social hub of our small community. The spacious living room includes TV and recliners for relaxation and entertainment. Members can drop in for an afternoon cinema twice a month.* The expansive tables in the lounge welcome puzzle and colouring enthusiasts, card players, or anyone who simply wants to enjoy a coffee and a snack in good company. On the premises, you also have access to materials for scrapbooking, painting, crafts and other creations, jewelry, books from the small library and board games, etc. All you need to do is ask! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you are cordially invited to join us for a delicious soup and homemade dessert.* The 12-18 room features video game consoles, a ping-pong table and much more for our younger members. In short, whenever the facility is open, someone is always here to welcome you, and you’re always invited to join an activity or do a little socializing!

*Registration required